10 Most Famous Photographers 2023

Fashion photography shows dynamism. Countless famous fashion photographers have had a significant influence in the field of glitz and glamour.

They skillfully preserve the charm of their costumes, people and picturesque scenery. Here we introduce 21 people who have left an indelible mark on the world of fashion photography.

10 Most Famous Photographers 2023

Here are our top picks of famous fashion photographers for your reference. We’ve included links to these photographers’ websites and Instagram accounts (if they have them).

10. Bruce Weber

At 73 years old, Bruce Weber remains one of the world’s most famous fashion photographers, boasting a huge client base that includes prominent names such as Calvin Klein, Revlon, Rolling Stone and many more. 

Weber’s signature style set him apart from his peers; The majority of his portraits are rendered in timeless black and white. Despite this hobby, he still has more than half a million followers on Instagram, constantly attracting fans with touching and expressive photos of famous models.

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Bruce Weber photo

9. Elizaveta Porodina

Elizaveta Porodina discovered her passion for photography while pursuing a career in psychology. Self-awareness led her to embrace her camera wholeheartedly, which eventually caused her to abandon her studies in psychology.

Science fiction is an important source of inspiration for Porodina, giving her work a supernatural quality.

His photography is distinguished by its deep concern with empathy and emotion. The resulting images are vivid, precise and irresistibly stimulating. In some cases, the colors she uses are so bold that they defy conventional printing.

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Elizaveta Porodina photo

8. Cole Sprouse

Cole Sprouse, known for his acting career, is not only a familiar face on magazine covers but he is also making a name for himself in the world of photography.

His photography portfolio covers a variety of subjects, including fashion, landscapes and atmospheric vistas. A special feature on his Instagram feed is the inclusion of in-depth stories written by him, providing context and depth to his visual work.

Sprouse frequently turns his lens on famous co-stars, and his photography prowess extends to collaborating with established brands like Adidas as well as contributing to various magazines.

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Cole Sprouse photo

7. Olivia Malone

Olivia Malone is a well-known figure in the fashion industry, known for her photography that often captures graceful women seamlessly integrated into captivating landscapes.

Her work is characterized by a mixture of tenderness and strength, which makes her an excellent fashion photographer.

In addition to his photography skills, Malone also excels as a filmmaker. She has directed famous music videos, including Miley Cyrus’s “We Can’t Stop,” and continues to lend her directing talents to many other artists in the music industry.

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Olivia Malone photo

6. Paul Bellaart

Paul Bellaart is a master in the art of capturing the most subtle human essence. His extensive portfolio includes countless monochrome and colorful portraits, each of which exudes a sense of romance and profound expression.

Bellaart skillfully balances detail and space. Some of his photographs zoom in on specific parts of the human body, while others zoom out to capture intimate moments shared between friends and family. Throughout his journey, he paid special attention to the beauty of fashion.

Inspired by the stories of real people, Bellaart’s open and romantic approach has paved the way for collaborations with prestigious brands such as Hermes, Levi’s, Marie Claire, and more.

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Paul Bellaart photo

5. Lina Tesch

Lina Tesch has become a prominent figure in the world of fashion photography, boasting over 200,000 devoted followers on Instagram alone, a testament to her tireless commitment to producing content High Quality.

What sets Tesch’s work apart is the qualities of courage, drama and power that permeate his photographs. His distinctive style has opened up opportunities for collaborations with prestigious brands such as Puma, Dior, Swarovski and many others.

Adding to her charm is her personal passion for fashion. Tesch frequently stood in front of the camera as a model for other fashion photographers, and she did so with considerable success.

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Lina Tesch photo

4. David Roemer

David Roemer’s diverse interests span the fields of psychology, film, painting and fashion photography. With a strong emphasis on color, he strives to create portraits that are expressive and captivating.

Roemer’s portfolio reflects the diversity of his passions. It includes a series of photos, some creatively overexposed for dramatic effect, while others meticulously lit to perfection.

In the field of fashion photography, Roemer had the privilege of photographing famous actors and models, with luminaries like Barbara Palvin and Jessica Chastain before his lens.

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David Roemer photo

3. Cass Bird

Cass Bird passionately celebrates diversity through her charming fashion photography. Her portfolio features individuals of all genders and ages, exuding a real sense of confidence.

Bird’s creative talent extends beyond photography to video production, collaborating with famous names like Vogue, Revlon and Dior. His narrative approach allows him to capture poignant, candid, and intimate moments with his subjects.

With a client list that includes American Eagle, Zara and Calvin Klein, Bird regularly captures the essence of famous actors and models in creative and fresh ways.

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Cass Bird photo

2. Giampaolo Sgura

Giampaolo Sgura is a formidable name in the fashion world with nearly two decades of invaluable experience. In an industry often filled with clichés, he stands out as a confident and pioneering visionary.

Sgura takes authenticity very seriously. Before embarking on a photo shoot, he takes time to get to know his team and immerse himself in the outfits that adorn his models. This deep familiarity makes it easy to create photos that are visually appealing yet intrinsically authentic.

Additionally, he championed fast fashion, recognizing its lasting appeal. Sgura’s extensive portfolio includes celebrities such as Katy Perry and Irina Shayk.

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Giampaolo Sgura photo

1. Julia Hetta

Julia Hetta’s photographs often bear a startling resemblance to Rembrandt’s masterpieces. Departing from the mainstream trends of contemporary fashion photography, she relies heavily on natural light, giving her fashion portraits an appeal that is both distinctive and incomparable.

His self-proclaimed romantic nature is clearly reflected in his portfolio. It often features rich textures, soft lighting, and models that seem to live in an alternate reality.

Hetta’s inimitable style is featured in prestigious publications such as British Vogue and prestigious brands such as Alexander McQueen.

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Julia Hetta photo


Fashion photography has been shaping the way we think and live. Through this genre, we can learn about photography, trends and stories from others.

To improve your fashion photography skills, browse through the photos of these famous photographers. And let them teach you how to take exceptional fashion photos.


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