7 Best Photography Magazines You Must Read

Photography magazines are not just for inspiration. They are a rich source of information, including tutorials, industry updates, and new equipment insights.

Magazines like Popular Photography are no longer in print, but there are plenty of other great photography magazines on the shelves.

7 Best Photography Magazines to Read

Here are today’s 7 most popular magazines for photographers in every genre.

7Foam Magazine

Foam Magazine features a unique approach to contemporary photography. Each issue of the magazine revolves around a specific theme, bringing together interviews, articles and stunning photography that explore and express the chosen theme.

Foam Magazine is characterized by its exceptional print quality and prides itself on providing detailed and clear images that enhance the visual experience of its readers.

Despite its conscious and thoughtful production, Foam Magazine is infrequently published, with only three issues published per year. Additionally, this deliberate pacing allows for a focused and thorough approach to each topic, contributing to the magazine’s reputation for carefully selected, high-quality content.

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Source: Foam magazine

6Digital Photographer

A UK-based publication, Digital Photographer covers a wide range of areas and appeals to photography enthusiasts and professionals alike. The magazine is dedicated to presenting high-quality images while providing valuable photography advice and insight into the latest technology.

In addition to providing stunning images, Digital Photographer frequently features success stories from professional photographers, giving readers a glimpse into the journeys and successes of experienced practitioners in the field.

The publisher behind Digital Photographer is expanding its service to include “book magazines” that feature in-depth guides on a single topic, such as wildlife photography or camera guides. These guides provide comprehensive information and serve as a valuable resource for photographers seeking expertise in a particular field.

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Source: Digital Photographer Magazine

5Digital Camera

Digital Camera, known as Digital Camera World outside the UK, is a magazine focused on DSLR and mirrorless photography. Comprehensive coverage of everything from the latest equipment updates to photographer inspiration and techniques.

Moreover with a great combination of content, Digital His Camera is designed to keep photographers up to date with the latest developments in equipment and is valuable for anyone interested in exploring new techniques and ideas.

This annual magazine is aimed at a wide audience, including amateur and professional photographers looking for practical how-to guides and audio equipment advice.

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Source: Digital Camera


Click’s editors characterize the publication as a magazine for contemporary photographers with a particular focus on reaching a female audience. Her Click, a contemporary photography magazine, serves as a complementary print resource for the Clickin’ Moms blog.

Click covers a wide range of topics, from business tips to inspiration, gear discussions to tutorials. So, aimed to cater to the needs and interests of contemporary photographers, this magazine is published six times a year.

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Source: Click magazine


B&W is a fine art photography magazine, with a focus on artistic expression. As its name suggests, B&W exhibits only black and white photography and explores a variety of topics within the genre.

From insights into the experiences of documentary photographers to highlights from photo competitions, B&W provides a comprehensive overview of the world of black and white photography. Surprisingly, this magazine has maintained its popularity despite advances in digital camera technology.

When follows a bi-monthly release schedule. Black and white subscription prices vary by region.

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Source: B&W magazine


Aperture Magazine which is the famous photography magazine, is a creation of the Aperture Foundation. Unlike publications that focus on basic how-to, Aperture is a serious photography magazine that focuses on top his artists, explores fascinating ideas, and provides valuable insight into the industry.

Aperture Magazine is operated by his Aperture Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting the photography community, and plays a critical role in achieving that mission. This organization is committed to sharing inspiring works and ideas in the field of photography.

For those interested in subscriptions, Aperture offers several options, including subscriptions that include both print and digital formats.

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Source: Aperture magazine

1Amateur Photographer

The Amateur Photographer was founded and first published in 1884. This is the oldest weekly photography magazine for amateurs.

Currently, enthusiasts can explore the services of amateur photographer websites and choose to subscribe to weekly magazines. This selection makes AP a great option for photographers who value the tactile experience of their prints. So, this magazine will keep you updated on the latest trends and news in the industry.

Amateur Photographer provides comprehensive coverage of a variety of topics, including news, reviews, photography techniques, and opinion articles. A wide variety of content aimed at everyone from beginners to experienced enthusiasts.


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Source: Amateur photographer


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