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Substance Painter

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Adobe Substance Painter is commonly used in game development and videography. Additionally, with the help of this program, you can easily and accurately make high-quality textures for your 3D models.

This 3D painting software is very popular, that’s why some users are curious about how to get Substance Painter for free. Moreover, some of the key features of this program are advanced layer system, real-time PBR preview, smart materials and 3D rendering. 

How to Download Substance Painter for Free (Trial Version)

The only legal way to get Substance Painter for free is to use its trial version. However, keep in mind that this program is part of the Substance 3D package and is not sold as standalone software. 

So, to start Substance Painter free download, you need to:

1. Open Adobe official website, head to the “Products” section > “Substance 3D”.

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2. Click the “Free Trial” button.

3. Register and follow the prompts.

4. Done. Now you can download and install the program.

Why You Should Download Pt?

Real-time PBR preview. In the program, you’ll see the results of your vignette work in real time, make quick adjustments, and evaluate changes instantly.

Advanced class system. When comparing Substance Painter and Sculptris, I noticed that the Adobe program has an advanced layer system, which is a game changer if you need to create complex textures. So you can use different layers to add details, adjust colors, and apply effects to textures. 

Smart materials. The program offers a variety of ready-to-use smart materials that you can use to quickly add realistic textures to your models. These materials are fully customizable, so you will be able to create very personalized projects.

3D painting. Substance Painter has a powerful 3D drawing system and users can paint directly on their 3D model. What’s more you can use a multiple of brushes and tools to add detail and texture to your model in 3D.

But if you have no drawing experience, you can import and work with existing 3D models. 

Top masking tool. The program comes with professional-grade masking tools that make it easy to select and separate specific texture areas for editing. Therefore, you can use masks based on 3D geometry, UV islands, and materials.

Draw normal and teleport maps. Substance Painter includes tools for drawing normal and displacement maps. Users can add fine detail and depth to textures including protrusions, wrinkles, and crevices. Thanks to these features, Substance Painter is one of the best 3D modeling softwares. 

Finally, 3D texture. This software will also be useful if you want to create 3D textures like elevation maps, regular maps, and ambient shadows. Besides, this way you can add depth and realism to your textures. 


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