Best Thunderbolt to HDMI Adapters in 2023

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More and more people prefer Thunderbolt connection protocol over traditional USB because of the faster data transfer speed that this protocol brings. This way, you can use its high bandwidth to instantly send video streams to the latest TVs and monitors.

However, to take advantage of this technology, you must use a Thunderbolt to HDMI cable. The success of your purchase largely depends on your understanding of the different characteristics of cables, and if you have problems, be sure to read through this article. 

Top 5 Best Thunderbolt to HDMI Adapters 2023

  1. QGeeM USB C to HDMI Adapter – Best Choice
  2. uniAccessories – Excellent quality
  3. QGeeM USB C Hub – Easy to use
  4. Anker USB C to HDMI Adapter – Portable
  5. Warrky USB C to HDMI Cable – Cheap

We have tested multiple options to help you choose the best Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter. We evaluated their key features and narrowed down the choice to 5 top models. Learn about their advantages and disadvantages, and decide which cable is more suitable for your needs.

1. QGeeM USB C to HDMI Adapter

Best Choice
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  • ✚ Support 4K at 60Hz
  • ✚ Compatible with multiple devices
  • ✚ Portable and convenient design
  • ✚ Simple plug&play operation
  •  None found
  •  Not quiet
$9.46   Rating Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite

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This is a great Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter that delivers flawless 4K performance at 60Hz. You can connect it to various USB-C laptops and smartphones, as well as facilitate HDMI connections to 4K TV monitors and monitors. It is made of aluminum and is encased in a braided cable. The size is quite compact – 9 x 0.9 x 0.4 inches. 

2. uniAccessories

Excellent quality
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  • ✚ Top quality
  • ✚ Supports 4K at 60Hz
  • ✚ Very performant
  • ✚ Plug and play functioning
  • ✚ 6ft length
  •  Expensive
$13.99   Rating Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Rating

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Using this Thunderbolt to HDMI cable, you can create a system of 2 HDMI displays with 4K 60Hz resolution, which looks quite luxurious with a high-grade alloy body, with heat dissipation effect. You can easily cope with the installation process without using additional software and drivers. 

3. QGeeM USB C Hub

Easy to use
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  • ✚ Multiport
  • ✚ 4K at 30Hz
  • ✚ Simple to use
  • ✚ Small
  •  Expensive
$15.31   Rating Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Rating

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This is a high performance Thunderbolt to HDMI connector and multifunctional video output interface. It supports high definition output in 4K at 30Hz There are USB3.0 and USB2.0 ports which you can use to transfer data. Bandwidth reaches a maximum of 18 Gbps. The converter is compact in size and very easy to use. You can easily carry it when you go to the office and when you go home. 

4. Anker USB C to HDMI Adapter

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  • ✚ Amazing quality
  • ✚ Small size and weight
  • ✚ Rich compatibility
  • ✚ Plug and play
  •  Does not work for 2017+ MacBook Pro
$14.49   Rating Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Rating

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High quality Thunderbolt to HDMI cable, ensuring stable and convenient operation under any load. The slim and light design offers great portability, while the sleek aluminum body perfectly complements high-end laptops, TVs, etc. With support for resolutions up to 4K, you can easily mirror or zoom your screen without sacrificing clarity. The cable is compatible with devices such as MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, XPS, and Pixelbook. 

5. Warrky USB C to HDMI Cable

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  • ✚ High bandwidth
  • ✚ Remarkable quality
  • ✚ Supports 4K at 30Hz
  • ✚ Rich compatibility
  •  Not reliable
$14.99   Rating Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Rating

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Don’t need to download any additional software to use this Thunderbolt to HDMI cable to stream 4K content at 30Hz without any loss of picture quality. It has a thick thread, which eliminates the possibility of damaging it. In additional, the electrical conductivity is very impressive. The design of this adapter deserves much praise and can become a stylish addition to your multimedia setup. 


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